Sintered Mesh of High Filter Efficiency

Sintered mesh is manufactured from one layer or multiple layers of woven wire meshes by a "sintering" process. The single layer woven wire mesh is first roller flattened uniformly, to ensure good contact at the wire cross over points. Then the single layer or more layers of this calendered mesh are then laminated by special fixtures under mechanical pressure in high temperature furnace, which is filled with proprietary inset gas and the temperature is raised to a point where sintering (diffusion-bonded) occurs. After controlled-cooling process, the mesh has become more rigid, for all the contact points of individual wires bonding to each other. Sintering improves the characteristics of woven wire mesh through the combination of heat and pressure. Sintered mesh can be single layer or multiple layer, according to filtration need, one layer of perforated metal can be added to reinforce the whole structure. Sintered mesh can be cut, welded, pleated, rolled into other shapes, like disc, plate, cartridge, cone shape. Compared with traditional wire mesh as filter, sintered mesh has prominent advantages, high mechanical strength, high permeability, low pressure drop, wide range of filtration rating, easy to backwash. Although the cost seems higher than traditional filter, but its long using life and excellent properties gain more popularity with clear advantages.

Products Details

Raw Material: SS 316L, SS 304 Filter Rating Range: 0.5 Micron ~ 2000 Microns Filter Efficiency: > 99.99 % Number of Layers: 2 Layers ~ 20 Layers Operation Temperature: ≤ 816 ℃ Length: ≤ 1200 mm Width: ≤ 1000 mm Regular Size (Length*Width): 500 mm*500 mm,1000 mm*500 mm,1000 mm*1000 mm,1200 mm*1000 mm  Thickness: 0.5 mm,1 mm,1.5 mm,2 mm,3 mm,5 mm or others


1. Sintered wire mesh is made from multilayer wire cloth 2. Sintered wire mesh is sintered in a high temperature vacuum furnace 3. Sintered wire mesh  is surface filtration 4. Sintered wire mesh  is good for backwash 5. Sintered wire mesh has uniform pore size distribution 6. High mechanical strength 7. High temperature resistance 8. High filter efficiency 9. High corrosion resistance 10. Washable and Cleanable 11. Reusable 12. Long service life 13. Easy to be welded, fabricated 14. Easy to be cut into different shapes, such as circular, sheet 15. Easy to be made into different style, such as tube style, conical style



Polymers filtration, high temperature liquid filtration, high temperature gases filtration, steam filtration, catalysts filtration, water filtration, beverages filtration.

Standard types

5-Layer Sintered Wire Mesh Sintering is a process that improves the characteristics of woven wire mesh by bonding the contact points of all the wires together to form a mesh whose wires are securely fused in place. This is achieved through a combination of heat and pressure, and the result is a single layer sintered wire mesh. Sintered Wire Mesh with Perforated Metal This type of sintered wire mesh laminate is made by taking several layers of woven wire mesh and sintering them to a layer of perforated metal. The woven wire mesh layers consist of a filter layer, a protective layer, and possibly a buffer layer between the fine mesh layer and the perforated plate. The perforated plate is then added as the base and the entire structure is sintered together to form a very strong yet tractable plate. Sintered Square Weave Mesh This type of sintered wire mesh laminate is made by sintering multiple layers of plain weave square woven wire mesh together. Because of the large open area percentages of the square woven wire mesh layers, this type of sintered wire mesh laminate has good permeability characteristics and low resistance to flow. It can be designed with any number and combination of square plain weave wire mesh layers to achieve particular flow and filtration characteristics. Sintered Dutch Weave Mesh This type of sintered wire mesh laminate is made by sintering 2 to 3 layers of plain Dutch woven wire mesh together. This type of stainless steel sintered wire mesh laminate has evenly spaced openings and good permeability to flow. It also has very good mechanical strength due to the heavy dutch woven wire mesh layers.

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