Black Annealed Low Carbon Steel Wire

Annealed Black Wire is made of carbon steel wire, used for weaving, baling in general. Applied for home use and the construction. Annealed wire is obtained by means of thermal annealing, endowing it with the properties it needs for its main use - setting. This wire is deployed both in civil construction and in agriculture. Hence, in civil construction annealed wire, also known as “burnt wire” is used for iron setting. In agriculture annealed wire is used for bailing hay.

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The annealing process is used to achieve a finished product from  low carbon steel wire. Annealing involves heating the wire to a specific temperature before cooling it at a prescribed rate in order to achieve the desired result.Annealing is used with the goal of increasing the ductility of the wire and reducing the hardness. This allows the wire to be flexible while still remaining durable. With these properties, annealed wire is self-tying and can stay in place when wrapped around itself. Material: Q195 Q235 1006 1008. Treatment: Annealing. Wire gauge: #8 to #22 (0.71 to 4.06mm). Iron wire Tension strengh: 450-600N/m2 Steel wire Tension strengh: 1300-1600N/m2 Packing: Coils weight from 1kg to 500kg, inside plastic film and outside plastic bag.  

Wire Forms

 Annealed wire comes in several gauges (i.e., wire diameters), forms (e.g., straight cut, loop, coiled, and U-type) and packaging options . 1.U wire 2.Cut wire 3.Double loop wire 4.Twisted ties 5.Quick link wire 6.Coil wire  


Due to its flexibility and durability, annealed wire is employed for binding and tying purposes in a wide range of industries, including the following: 1.In the agricultural industry, it is used to bale branches and hay. 2.In the construction industry, it is used to set iron and creating fencing and fence elements. 3.In the manufacturing industry, it is used for general baling, binding, and tying applications. 4.In the mining industry, it used to bind raw materials together and secure equipment. 5.In the packaging industry, it is used to secure product packaging as well as produce wire mesh for packaging molds. 6.In the recycling industry, it is used to tie scrap material—such as cardboard, metal, or paper—for easier transport through the processing facility. In addition to its uses in the industrial sector, annealed wire is also utilized in the commercial and consumer sectors to produce products such as artwork and artisan crafts

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